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Annual General Meeting 2015 - MBA

 Malta Basketball Association - Annual General Meeting 2015

Kindly note that the Malta Basketball Association Annual General Meeting (AGM 2015) is going to be held on the 30th of July 2015 at 1830 hours in the MBA Offices at the Basketball Complex Ta' Qali.

Anyone interested to join and form part of the MBA is invited to kindly call 79494971 for more info or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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BOV Division One Playoff Final Series - Best of Five
Game 1: Virtus Cynergi 75 - AtoZ Electronics Athleta 62
Game 3: Virtus Cynergi 75 - AtoZ Electronics Athleta 61
Virtus Cynergi Champions 2014/2015

St James Hospital Women Play-Off Final Series - Best of Five
Game 3: Caffe Moak Luxol 73 - Athleta 51
Caffe Moak Luxol Champions 2014/2015

BOV Division II Men - Final Series - Best of Five
Game 2: Hibernians - Mellieha Mr Green 69-53
Game 4: Mellieha Mr Green - Hibernians 62-55
Game 5: Hibernians - Mellieha Mr Green 60-40
Hibernians Champions Division II


The latest from the local media

PotY 13-14


1st Division Men - Michael Naudi, AtoZ Electronics Athleta
2nd Division Men - Michael Barberi, SN Suns
1st Division Women - Mandi Mercieca, Caffe Moak Luxol
Under 23 Men - Anton Axiaq, Depiro
Under 23 Women - Steffi Demartino, Luxol
Under 19 Men - Daniel Farrugia, Depiro
Under 19 Women - Maria Bonett, Depiro
Under 16 Boys - Benoit Bartolo, Athleta
Under 16 Girls - Nicole Agius, Depiro
Under 14 Boys - Reuben Xuereb, Depiro
Under 14 Girls - Kristy Galea, Starlites


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See this week's  MBA TV programme, 3-pointer, presented by Willie Vassallo and Colin Schembri

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